Owner Finance

Thank You for your interest in becoming a home owner with our owner finance program.

To proceed with the application process:


  1. Please fill out the form below. If possible, please attach a photo of yourself (for security purposes – we like to know who we are working with.)
  2. Please be aware – Our application process includes: Credit and Criminal Background Checks; Rental History Verification; Employment Verification; and other investigative searches.
  3. Please feel free to attach documents you believe will help us in reviewing your application. Thanks!
  4. We do NOT charge you n application fee! In order to not charge you a fee, we have to ask the below questions. Please take the time to fill them out to the best of your ability.
  5. No pets allowed if you rent the house. When you buy it, you can have as many pets as you like.
  • I understand that this is a routine application to determine character, credit, and end employment history. I understand that this is an agreement to rent or owner finance. All applications have to be approved. I authorize background check or references, credit and background.